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New Twitter update is:

New Twitter

Twitter Platform Announces the Twitter Lists Feature Testing which never got any attention before. But now it makes easier the lists to access. That’s why this can also be Relocated by swiping from the Home Screen in the new Twitter update.

Access Is Easier in the Twitter New Update:

Access Is Easier in the Twitter New Update

Twitter has been thinking about how to make your lists easier to access. They announced an idea to get access to your lists from your Home Screen. Company Took this step because of User’s Feedback.

Where To Show in the New Update of Twitter?

Show in the New featureof Twitter

If a User who has been added to the test, It’s Home Timeline will show the dashed lines at the Top for every single list. It is the Design which is too much Familiar with those who have ever been used the Instagram or Snapshot Stories.

Advance Your Stories:

Advance Your Stories in new

From Your Main and Primary Timeline, You only to swipe to the left to Move Your Custom Timelines through all. You will be able to like much as You will be advanced through your stories.

Lists are Useful

twitter new feature

The Lists are especially being used for the most important things, that you want to Track sometimes. Lists like Tweets about the Tv Shows, Hashtags, Sports Team, etc. You are able to Make Your Twitter Account List.

Track Notable Accounts:

Track Notable Accounts in twitter

The Lists are usually accustomed Track the Notable Accounts within the specific trade. Lists can also be used for the following functions, Following the Accounts and every one different relevant interest. They are also getting to follow the Tweets of anyone without Following them really.

Public And Private Lists:

Twitter lists

Lists can also be Public and Private. It Depends upon ‘if you are looking to share your Curation Twitter with the Entire World or Not.

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