The Bhurban Tree Deck

The Bhurban Tree Deck

It is very seldom that you find a structure that can afford about 70 to 80 people and wholly assembled on trees. In Bhurban, Muree, a huge structure called the Bhurban tree deck is standing in the heart of mountains which is wholly built on trees.

None of their sides off piers are touching the actual ground. It is totally above the ground and all of its footings are on trees. No holes were made in the ground and there was no need of building a base underground. What is the logic behind this amazing structure, you will know in this article about the Bhurban tree deck.

The Bhurban tree deck.

In the soul of the mountains Bhurban. Accompanying with the beautiful scenery, you will notice a beautiful structure which is completely standing on trees. There are about 20 seats on it and it is almost elevated 100 feet above the ground.

Shahid, The owner of that infrastructure say that when we shifted to Muree from Lahore. We found it very difficult to build houses in the mountain areas of Muree. Sometimes mountains slide and sometimes the ground starts to get moist and resulting in damage.

Several houses were damaged due to land sliding caused by rains or storms.
He says that we also noticed that the trees were not getting damage with land sliding moreover wherever there were more trees, that place was also strong due to its roots. Because the roots of the tree are tied together forming a strong chain that prevents the land from sliding from that area. The foundations of the trees are very deeprooted.

He says we got an idea to build a structure which will land only on trees rather than ground which will decrease its risk to slide with ground.

The Bhurban Tree Deck

The final idea was to build a structure that will completely rest on the trees instead of the ground.
The logic and the idea, both were very strong. the started building it.

He says that maximum people allowed on deck are only 35 but the capacity and strength of this deck is to hold about 80 people. His idea and implementation were strong and it is now open for tourists from around the globe.

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