Start Doing Business

start doing business

There is a word in the business world called market saturation. Many people think that I want to start my own business but don’t know what to do. You will be able to start doing Business using this technique.

What does it mean that if there are ten shoe shops in a bazaar, people say,

“Dude, that’s enough, we have to do something else.”

No. You have drawn this incorrect result.

Having more of the same shops is an indication that it is a safe industry in this place.

Getting into it is not very risky. Why?

Because there are so many shops selling shoes here

If there was no such demand for this item, there would not be so many shops.

Suppose you enter that industry. You will be the eleventh.

Now the question is how to get rid of them so that you can survive in the market.

You need to find something that other vendors aren’t selling or that they lack.

And you have to make yourself unique.

To make more, to make more customers.

Now, what do I mean by giving more? You have three more things to give customers. You can also start a small business at home Sell You Skills.

Steps to Start Doing Business

  • Better service than your competitor
  • Better product than your competitor
  • More value than your opponent

Improved service:

start doing business

Better service than you know.

Meaning two more things. Like how to sell a show, etc. You need to improve customer service.

Improved product:

What better product could there be than to have small niches in whatever industry you go into?

Such as ladies shoes, gents shoes, children’s shoes, sports shoes, school and normal wear etc.

Catch a niche that is not yet on the market or is scarce. Or you can pick up two of them.

Improved Value:

start doing business

What better value do you give?

You will say, man, if customers bring the shoes back after 90 days without opening them, I will return your money to you without any question.

Provided that you are not wearing.

When you are selling shoes, you have to give each servant a box of cherry blossoms for free. Or you can give socks for free.

Make sure you install a show polishing machine in your shop. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask.

Write on the outside and put up a sign saying, “Inside the shoes are free polish. These steps can help you to start a business from Scratch.

Now your store will be unique and your store is giving more value.

Someone will come who will have to polish the shoes in a hurry.

When they come, you have to respectfully call them for water and sprinkle free shoes for free.

He will come once, he will come a second time, but when he comes a third time he will think that he has done me a favor, now I have to repay that favor.

How to pay? Take her shoes. It definitely worked.

Human Nature

This is human nature. You are also using psychology and you are adding value.

And the good news is, you don’t have to look down on another shopkeeper, you don’t have to close someone else’s shop.

If you have ten competitors and you have to attract ten percent of the business from each store, then your store will be successful.

When the market is saturated, you don’t have to be afraid to sell it.

All you have to do is start and God will bless you.

All you have to do is put your color in it. You have to add your own style.

Whatever the market for clothes, food, restaurants, there are ten biryani people here, so you become the eleventh.

What is the rest of the selling? Put your own recipe in it. Start making your Business Plan and start doing business.

Small or big business, this trick works for everyone.

I hope you are encouraged now. Now you don’t have to be afraid.

If you are researching something, you should seize the opportunity instead of panicking.

That’s what we’re selling, that’s what we’re selling. It is also safe.

Apply your color and be successful.

Good Bye.


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