How to Learn Anything in 20 Hours

Learn Anything in 20 Hours

The book we are going to talk about today is called The First Twenty Hours. You will be able to Learn Anything in 20 Hours.

And this book is a wonderful book.

And the special thing about this book is how the big world uses anything to learn any skill but still can’t learn.

In this book, Lighter taught us how to learn something.

You can learn any intellect well in twenty hours and learn it so well that you can win in its competition.

The thing that struck me was that if you have a game plan to become a master, you have time.

That means your approach is right, your learning strategy is right, and if you are on the right track, you reach your destination at the right time.

the first 20 hours summary

Let’s learn Anything in First 20 Hours 

In the beginning, Writer emphasizes why you have to Learn Anything in 20 Hours.

You have to know why they belong to you.

This is your wish that I have to learn this tomorrow. Maybe your wish is very old that I have to learn to play the piano. I am very fond of playing the piano.

There may be a long-held desire in English that I should be able to type with both hands and I did not learn.

You may have wanted to swim and have not yet learned.

This book gives you the practical step that if you take this step you can create this tomorrow within yourself.

It is mentioned somewhere in this book that it is not necessary to know only about any dhikr.
Rather, it is very important to take it to the practical state.

That is, even if you read a thousand books of wrestlers, you will not be able to become a wrestler until you enter the arena.

If you read the books of people who swim in the best water in the world, you still can’t become a swimmer unless you go down to the pool and kick your hands and feet.

So it has put more emphasis on practicality.

Famous Quote

There is a famous saying, “If you are not improving by learning, you are not making mistakes, you are not knowing, you are not understanding yourself, then do not ask this learning to be learned.”

At the same time, I would like to add that this is another place that says what will happen if you do not learn.

So unless you realize the damage you do to your skills, you will not be able to move on.

The disadvantage is that you have regrets that you wish I could learn.

I wish I had learned this too.

So we have to learn a lot of skills to avoid this regret now Learn Anything in 20 Hours.

This book is a great help in the ongoing crises. If you want to get out of it, then this book is a great help for you.

Struggle and sleep.

He goes on to say that if you work hard and you fall asleep, that skill solidifies inside you.

That is, it is easier to settle it or absorb it when you fall asleep or take a nap.

In this book, he emphasizes that if you want to test anything, you should practice it twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes at night, that is, before going to bed.

So even before going to bed, you practiced this skill for twenty minutes and even after waking up, you practiced it for twenty minutes.

And you have to deal with it for a month, no matter what the skill.

Basement in the morning and twenty minutes before going to bed in the evening or at night will give you 1200 minutes.

And if you convert twelve hundred minutes to hours, they become twenty hours.
That is, if you give forty minutes a day, then these become 20 hours of the month and these twenty hours can make you a master in any form.

If you know a job, you have more confidence. If you don’t know a job, you have less confidence.

And there is no other opinion that speakers can speak, walkers learn by falling and swimmers can swim by drowning.

In this day of lockdown, you make an action plan, make a list of what skills you are weak in.

Someone’s presentation skill may be weak, someone’s writing skills may be very weak, someone’s management skill may be very weak, someone’s leadership skill may be weak and someone may not have speed reading.

It may take time for someone to remember things.

So you can improve these things these days and make them productive these days.

What I am telling you about this book today will definitely show you the best quotations of this book.

Let’s talk about the five principles on which this book was written:

  • Set your target where you want to go.
  • Find the skill you want to learn
  • Do as much research as necessary
  • Remove all obstacles to practice
  • Prepare yourself in advance for these twenty hours of practice

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