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lazy people are smarter

Hello, in this post we will discuss this. If you are very lazy, you are a very lazy person, How Lazy People Are Smarter? do you have many chances to succeed in your business or not?

What are your chances of success in your business if you are not punctual?

And the third point we will discuss is that if you sleep a lot, you love to sleep, if you want to get 10, 11, 12 hours of sleep, what are the chances of success of your business?

And if you have a lot, you don’t stay clean, you don’t have a lot of discipline.

Your room is always cluttered, your stuff isn’t lying around, what are your chances of success in your business?

Her is How Lazy People are Smarter than Active?

Some people think that if one of these points is found in them, they will never succeed in business.

Office woman bored over her work on office desk
  • Lazy
  • Ill-Discipline
  • Sleepy

We will never be able to become businessmen. We will never be able to become rich.

I would like to share with you the words of a very experienced businessman that these four points have nothing to do with the success of the business.

We believe that such and such a person has become very successful because he is a very well disciplined man.

Business ownership and wealth creation have not a serious relationship with laziness.

These are all attributes that actually help you.

Signs of an Intelligent Person

People think that successful people are successful because they are not lazy.

They have good discipline. They go to the gym and exercise.

We also believe that those who are successful have these qualities in them.

They make a decision immediately and start working on the decision immediately.

All of these theories are wrong.

I agree that these things help a lot to a certain extent and they all come in good attributes.

If we take the example of Sunny Ali, a successful businessman who earns one million dollars a month, it becomes 12 million dollars a year.

In Pakistani rupees, it is over two Billion.

His business is all auto-pilot.

He has 25 CEOs who run his business.

If you look at them personally, it doesn’t take Sunni Ali even an hour to check the reports that come to her from all over the world about business.

It doesn’t take much time for them to run their business.

Why to Hire a Lazy Person?

“Maybe I succeeded because I’m a very lazy person,” he said.

habits of successful people

“I think maybe my slowness has helped me succeed,” he said.

People who are lazy are actually creative & Lazy People Are Smarter.

Because they say we are so lazy that we find an easy way to do anything.

“I am so lazy that I can’t call the banks, I can never have a car repaired and

I can’t do a lot of small things,” says Sunni Ali. So all these things do not happen to me because I am a very lazy person because Lazy People Are Smarter.

So he said that I have built such an infrastructure, I do not have to do all the small things.

So maybe my license has benefited me.

If I wasn’t lazy, I would do all the work myself and run.

I think people who are lazy have more creativity. Lazy People Are Smarter.

Such people figure out how to do it without having to do it myself.

Well, this will be a point at a time, so now we come to the sleepers. People who love to sleep more.

People who sleep more are better entrepreneurs.

A person who sleeps more can always get a job with less money. They never get a good job.

what is entrepreneurship about
Lazy People Are Smarter
Woman reading a book

The reason is that the boss knows that this servant will not arrive at the office at nine o’clock in the morning.

So the boss wants you to suck the blood of this servant, so the one who is slow does not get a chance to squeeze his blood.

The lazy servant who loves to sleep and Basa also knows that it will bother him when he comes home late and goes home early.

So they reduce your salary. Sometimes you will think that the salary of my friends and the salary of my colleagues is higher than mine.

But I do more work.

In fact, you might call it your own stupidity.

You are not in their house yet. You are saying that my boss calls me bad and the rest of the people work very little and I work too much.

Lazy People Are Smarter

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

You have a very small thought. You have a very small thought when you say that your salary is higher than that of your friends who work with you.

So a Boss is a boss because he thinks far ahead of you.

Bosses are made because he is more capable than you.

He is richer than you, he is better than you because your thinking is not going to this place.

Understand Boss Thinking

Let me tell you a thought. Try a little to understand his thinking.

So Bose thinks that a servant who has more productivity in his work should increase his salary and reduce it.

As you know, the productivity of a sleeping man is very low, so Bose says to curse the listening man, reduce his salary, etc.

So in some places, Bose tells you to go at the time you want and go at the time you want.

You are not given a fix and you are not teased at all.

So he gives the servant work according to his temperament.

He says to give this slave a discount, he should not do anything as much as he wants, but not to increase his salary.

So those who sleep a lot don’t even get a good job.

So the managers you all have one thing in common is that they are used to getting up at five in the morning.

When Bose sees productivity in such people, he says hire the servant who wakes up at five in the morning.

Because it will work all day, it is also discipline.

So why are there so many senior managers even though they do the work for you?

So the manager himself would be getting a salary of Rs. 300,000 and he would be doing the work with the paid servants of Rs. 30,000.

Because a person who is a slave of thirty thousand does not have thought of three lakhs.

If that servant says that I don’t do all the work, then you should think that there is a big difference between the mental capacity of you and your Boss.

Maybe some people will understand from this post that this is a good thing.

The manager’s ability to earn 300,000 is because he has the ability to get you to work.

Then he takes three lakh rupees.

Well, it’s over.

Those who listen more, those who sleep more, become good entrepreneurs.

Understand the Concept of Business Ownership

So they will do business for more gold. Next, they quickly understand the concept of business ownership.

Lazy People Are Smarter

This is because they know that I do not have the capacity to work, I am slower, I do not have more working hours.

So self-employment suits me.

So those who sleep more become good businessmen. This is How Lazy People are Smarter than the Active.

So let’s move on to discipline. People with a very little discipline.

What will happen to people who do not have discipline?

Those who do not have much discipline do not mean that you will not succeed, you will not be able to do anything in your life, do you think that you will eat our whole life, eat and then the grave.

I go away just because you don’t have discipline.

This is not the case at all.

People who have very little discipline are creative.

You will notice that those who have more discipline do better jobs.

Indiscipline and Lazy People Are Smarter

Their bosses like them. They get good celery because they are a well-disciplined man.

lazy people are smarter

People who have very little discipline are fired by companies.

They don’t fit into the companies, they don’t fit into the company culture.

Due to indiscipline and lack of commitment and laziness companies do not like those people.

Such people are quickly fired.

Or they leave the job themselves.

So such people think that maybe we have to become something in our life, maybe we have eaten all our lives and then we will go to the grave, nothing will happen to us.

So there is no such thing.

Sunni Ali says that I also like to sleep more.

I lack discipline. I will never give anyone a time.

Lazy People Are Smarter

He says that if someone asks me what time you can give me tomorrow, I will tell them that you will check me, if I am free, I will talk to you and give you time.

Whenever I wake up, check me out. If I’m available, I’ll talk to you. If not, I’ll be busy somewhere.

So I know I can’t give anyone a set time so I’ll figure it out.

So these are some of the things that you have to understand that it is not because of a lack of discipline or because of sleep or because there are some things inside you.

You are lazy, you can never succeed because you are lazy, you will never be able to grow, you will never be able to do business, not at all.

You can do business and what I talk about business is always mine. Everyone who knows me talks about money and space.
You can go anywhere at any time.

If you have all these things inside you, you can be successful, you can make money, you can be better than others.

You can come up with ideas

You can come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

Lazy People Are Smarter

So having all these things, you will have no choice but to do your own business.

You will never get a job, you will never fit into this culture and you will actually become a Business Honor.

So for that, you have to work on the solution of the problems. Leave these things to me.

Don’t even try to fix such things.

If you try to get up at five in the morning, you will not be able to do it for three or four days in a row.

Lazy People Are Smarter

Leave it at that, it will never happen.

Go beyond what you are and make big money.

So now you have to come up with a solution so that I can make more than a hundred coins and business class even without discipline.

All this is possible.

Don’t try to fix your weak points because you can’t focus on your strong points.

I hope you like today’s post “How Lazy People are Smarter than the Active?”

If you like it, please share it with your friends and family members.

May Allah be your supporter and helper.

See you in the next post till then.

Good Bye.


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