Importance of Graphic Design

importance of Graphic Design

How design plays a role everywhere. Let me tell you a very simple thing, the design is a solution. You should know the importance of Graphic Design.
A designer is a solution provider.

Now when it comes to solutions, we have a huge responsibility on our shoulders.

And how you fulfill that responsibility depends on how sincere you are.

Now the question is where the design exists. Why is the importance of Graphic Design is too much?

In this era, design is present in every field. Designing has also reached the right farmers and cultivators.

The boxes of chicken eggs that are coming in. We have seen very good designs on them, so it shows that the design has become part of every little field and has become an important part of it. ۔

You can’t ignore the Importance of Graphic Design

Let’s just say that wherever you go, you don’t even buy biscuits without designing.

If a biscuit wrapper is badly made, it is useless because you will not buy it.

No matter how good the product is.

So in this day and age, I would say that designing is the key. You can’t ignore the importance of Graphic Design.

But I would like to point out to you that just as unemployment is very high in our country, the chances of unemployment in the field of design are also high and low.

So today I am going to tell you why there are unemployment head in designing as well as a question that is asked a lot that someone says I want to come in the field of graphic designing then what is the scope in this field Or not?

So the only answer is no. If you are looking at scope in this field, do not come at all.

You can go anywhere right. Scope is not in any field.

If you go to the field of engineering, the scope is not there. If you go to the field of doctor, there is no scope.

The scope is inside the YOU

It means how much water you are in, how much work you put in, what is your ability.

importance of Graphic Design

Nowadays we have a trend that people are making a lot of money in this thing, then let’s go into the same field and we also start making money.

Don’t do that We always take this as an example, if there are two cobblers in our neighborhood who repair shoes.

The first is the cobbler who sews your shoes very well and repairs them well, then it works perfectly tomorrow and then your shoe starts to look brand new.

But it is expensive.

The second one I have is much cheaper than the first one but it doesn’t have the cleanliness in it.

Now tell me yourself, if you have a shoe worth four to five thousand rupees, will you go to the cheap cobbler or to the expensive cobbler?

Of course you will go to the expensive one because your shoe will be brand new after it is repaired.

The computer refreshes as you press F5.

He must be making a lot of money.

Why? Because he is doing his job Perfectly

Similarly, if you look in any field, if you look in the field of a doctor, you will see that there are many useless doctors, many people do not want to go to them.

importance of Graphic Design

Most of the time, you go to the doctor when the word of mouth says yes, man, such and such a doctor is very good.

And that’s really good. Healing in his hands, then we go to him.
So is your field.

I would like to give you a very good example of this if you have noticed this thing somewhere and the girls mostly feel that the tailor has damaged their pair.

And boys will notice that when they have their hair cut by a barber, they feel that the hair has grown out of here or the hair has grown out of here.

You see so much detail on your head and on your partner.

You notice many flaws.

So now the place where your tailor or barber used to stand is where you will stand inside designing.

So you also have to remember that your work will also be seen in detail, small flaws will be removed.

If you are coming to this field or you have come because that is why you are reading this post, I would say pay attention to the details.

Make sure the design is ubiquitous, from clothing to branding.

There is clothing branding, there is food branding and no business runs without branding.

So we can say that there is scope within designing. But I want to tell you one thing, please don’t come looking at the scope. And the importance of Graphic Design is not a small thing.

importance of Graphic Design

The big problem we have is that the students are a mess.
Now you know what a mob is.

So the sheep move means that whenever a flock of sheep is moving, it is following the sheep in front.

So if the previous sheep went wrong, then the whole thing must have gone wrong.

Student, we say that my cousin started designing, so I’m doing it because he’s making a lot of money.

So my brother, that money is coming down because he is a good designer and not because he is in the field of designing.

Now a lot of institutes claim that we will make you a good designer and put your job somewhere. I want to say that this does not happen at all.

One thing to remember is that whenever you have to see this world. You have to look at it like an abnormal slave, that is, if you look at it like a normal human being, you can never be a designer, so you look at the universe from a different perspective and find it.

Now there is a difference between Designing and Copying.

If you don’t pick up someone else’s design and use it for yourself, you have to copy it, which is not true at all.

importance of Graphic Design

Getting inspiration means that you saw someone else’s design and you said that I would use colors similar to that design in another design or in my own Graphic design or I would use a similar layout in my design.

I will not make this design but this kind of design.

Lastly, I would like to say that you should be sincere with yourself. Designing is a huge responsibility.

I’m saying this because I’m seeing a lot of bad things these days.

Because a lot of people are doing a lot of ongoing work, they are copying other people’s designs and using them for themselves.

A lot of people are downloading stock Photos and selling it on Firefly, which is not true at all.

I will not support it at all.

If you are doing this then you are not a graphic designer at all.

Whatever you want to do, do it yourself

You can never be creative by copying others. You can never be creative.

If you really love designing then come to designing.

importance of Graphic Design

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Then if you think this field is good for you or it suits you, come to it or not.

If you feel that you are not made for designing and you are made for something else, my brothers and sisters, listen, it does not matter if you leave designing and go to another field and thousands of fields. Are

Some people say we made a logo for $5 and sold it on Fiverr.

Now you can imagine what happens to five dollars.

What happens at five hundred dollars?

And what happens at $20,000?

For some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.

The better you are, the better your value will be.

So the more you mix, the sweeter it will be.

Now the decision is yours.

If you want, you can become a good designer and sell your people for thousands of dollars and if you want, you can become a normal designer and sell your people for five dollars.

importance of Graphic Design

So one thing to keep in mind is that this graphic designing duty is a very responsible duty and I hope you will perform this duty very competently as well.

May Allah Almighty make you a great and good designer in the future. Amen.

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