How to start a Part Time Business

How to start a part time business

Hi everyone do I have to do business at the same time? So how do I do? There is a simple solution to this, just as how to start a part time business, we can also do part-time business.

Let me tell you about three famous businesses that started with Part-Time. They started their business part-time.

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak.
Steve Jobs worked for Atari and Steve Wozniak’s work for Hewlett Packard.

So it took them about five years to make the Apple that we know today. They worked after Job Time.
Now they don’t know who their models were before but they work on Apple part-time.

Well, they used to do this after the job.

What is second is that you know this Khan Academy whose founder is Salman Khan. Salman Khan is not an actor but he is the founder of Salman Khan Academy.

How did he teach this tuition but he used to teach a relative on the long-distance online constitution and gradually time and relatives found out that he teaches this kind of online tuition. Etc.

So they made Khan Academy like this.
When she opened the platform, people came in and she fell.

As you all know, both the founders of Instagram were working part-time.

Like you have seen that there is a coworking space that you can take dost online and you will have someplace and founder of Instagram there were two guys who went to work every weekend and work on it and that’s how Instagram was created.

Initially, Instagram could not be completed, but later it was completed.

So How to start a Part Time Business?

The first thing you need to remember is that when you are working, you are spending about eight hours in the office, within which you combine two hours of commuting to ten hours.

So ten hours out of your twenty-four hours go into it.
You have 14 hours left, 8 hours out of 14 hours.

After that, there is an hour left in which you have to entertain yourself and give time to your family.
Now spend one to two hours with the family and end the fun now minus.

If you want to gain something, you have to give up something, you have to lose something.
Because success comes at a price.

Now, what is the cheapest and least risky business you can do?

Where you can go and learn.

I tell you all that you have to do this offline by going physically.

We call it one dish millionaire.

Become an expert in any one product that makes you good at eating.
Like in our area there is a rumor that something makes a person very good.

It can be a single digit, it can be falda juice, cream, etc. It can be a biryani.
But you have to make something and become an expert at it.

How do you do that now?

So wherever you live, wherever there is a market near you, there is a food street, you go there and set up a stall from eight to ten o’clock in the evening.

It will just become your thing that this servant comes, takes a look at the biryani, and comes at 8 o’clock and goes back to the beach within two hours.

People love this kind of story.

He enjoys it so much that we have to go to him. He does it in limited numbers but does well. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Whatever dash you have, you only have a few hours or you say this and only this weekend stall.

Or this breakfast it only takes on Sundays.

Your timings depend on your product so choose your own timings.
Humiliate the time in which you feel comfortable.

The benefit of one dish is that most of the items he needs are already in our house.

The rest of the space you don’t have to find yourself and solve the problem.

If you are going offline go for one dish millionaire idea.
And what happens later is that if you work forty hours a week, then the work you do side work is read quickly and then you can say that I reduced your fee from 04 hours to 30 minutes. will do.

But you haven’t left the answer at all for now.
Don’t give up at all in the beginning.

Because a job is security that gives you some income.

Your expenses are running. You don’t have the pressure in your head to make it.

You had that flexibility to experiment.
Business is good for the long term but in a short time, it takes time seriously. Learn how to start a part time business?

It takes a little time to learn if you have to fight yourself and two successes are not guaranteed.
That’s why I call it a one-dish millionaire because it’s cheaper, lower risk and you can learn everything that people run into a big business.

Customer service, manufacturing, buying and selling, customer interaction, deadline, and everything you learn but in cheaper in real life.

You will know that it is raining today, what is the challenge today, what is the challenge today, what is the challenge today?

What’s the matter today? Suddenly a lot of people came. What’s the challenge today?

So how we are gonna handle this kind of situation.
And the reward for this is instant.

If I spend 20 rupees on a cup of tea and I sold it at 50 rupees and I realized I can start making money from the very first day I have the reward of 22 to 30 rupees per cup.

Its an instant gratification.
You can fill your pocket with evenings.

The best thing is that you have that option.

Long term businesses have a lot of plans that we will buy a shop, we will take the place, buy goods in the future, etc. But one day you will reach this place, but you have to start small.

But Start with this.

Maybe if you don’t want to do it offline you might be willing to do it online.
Don’t think too much about it just go for it.

Is not reported that do it everyday but do it on the weekends etc.
Make it a tradition to get this news out to the people.

Start with your own Social Media Audience.

Last Paul you are in the sector and looked at the groups available on social media in that certain sector go to those groups and then use that I sell something at 6 pm at this place.

I will be selling biryani at this place or doing anything. You have to spread your news and convey to the people what you are doing.

Now you can also tell them that if any of the groups come, they will get a few percent discounts.

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If you do that, people will run away. Do we hope you have Learnt how to start a part time business?
God willing.


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