How to overcome Laziness or Procrastination?

how to overcome laziness

Laziness Define

laziness define, How to overcome Laziness

According to the Mind Science of the Islamic Juris.

Procrastination/laziness has a big relationship with the Intension directly rather than the knowledge.

Corruption in the Intension goes to the knowledge.

If a person is Lazy so, it’s knowledge is not in a fault, his Intension is going wrong.

The intention is Corrupt when some of their elements are a shake-up.

It is the first and very Valuable point on how to overcome laziness.

Laziness how to overcome

laziness how to overcome

There is an Element in the Corruption of Intension which is ‘Knowledge’.

For example, if a person is too hopeful about going into Heaven even too much perception and it goes corrupt and he thinks that he will definitely go to Heaven.

So, definitely, that person will not perform and he will start getting lazy and he will not work.

Secondly, if the Fear is Corrupted, and its fear is out of order, he will go into pressure and he will not work.

So, the actual thing is how to let the Intension uncorrupted. Knowledge will Come due to learning & Teaching”.

The patient will come by doing patience, and the Humbleness comes by poverty behavior.

Laziness or Depression due to Habit, Role Of Habit in how to overcome laziness

Laziness or Depression due to Habit

If your habit is in the right way and your knowledge is not good. Then the habit will let you do something sometimes habit is not good.

Knowledge is at the right stage then it will cause you to get rid of laziness. Find a Vision In Your Life

So, the thing that you need to be Correct, You have to Avoid the thing to do which are not at that level of Fear and Hope and Habit and Knowledge.

If people are having a problem from getting lazy that if this will not do it may cause trouble for me and the second thing you need to do is to try to do anything again and again.

So, it will become your habit and you will not get lazy it will cause you to stop laziness.


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