How to make Biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil

how to make biodiesel from used cooking oil

Hi, today I am going to tell you how to make biodiesel from used cooking oil.

The word bio-diesel is mispronounced.

People justify it as a very bad thing but it is a very simple thing and can be made very easily. Actually it is a good home business.

So the thing I’m going to make today is I’m going to tell you. It’s called biodiesel.

Bio means when it’s alive.

If you’ve studied biology, you’ll know. So, brothers, this has happened and diesel is what is usually put in cars.

It would be better to take diesel or any vegetable and squeeze it.

Let’s learn How to People justify it as a very bad thing but it is a very simple thing and can be made very easily?

The juice that comes out of it is not fruitful, what comes out of the vegetable is not to be used in the car.

It runs smoothly in older diesel vehicles. And they don’t have to do anything else, they don’t have to convert. Alright.

What I am about to tell you right now is that I am going to tell you two types. So I have a new bottle of vegetable oil.

And secondly, we have sunflower oil.

This oil has also been associated with fritters and has been used many times.

How to make biofuel from waste?

And this oil is very old, it has been used at least ten times.

And then we have a filter with which we will clean this oil and remove the bad and useless things.

We have taken a jug, now in this place, we have to place the moonlight on top and pour oil on top.

The yellow cloth will block small pieces and the large filter will block large pieces.

So now we will put this oil in the jug passing through the filter. This can take a long time, so you may have to wait.

Now it only takes five or six minutes to clear the problem and fill the whole jug.

How to refine used cooking oil?

Now in this moonlight, we have a lot of hey pieces that were unnecessary so if we used it in those pieces they could have damaged the filter.

If you place it in front of the sun you will see or place it in front of the light which you will see that it is completely clear.

Now if you look at the old oil and the old oil, you will see a clear difference.

Their color has changed. Because the old oil is used, its color has darkened.

Now we walk towards the car and put it in the car and see how it works. Is it possible to reduce it or not? And then we’ll show you when the car starts and moves, if it really works.

Biodiesel is not allowed to be used in Vehicle because if we use biodiesel, the price of real diesel will go down. So, I am teaching you how to make biodiesel from used cooking oil?

How many crops do we have and in the same way farmers can make fine biodiesel and use it in their crops, put it in tractors and use it to cultivate their crops. can.

And you can put it in generators. So they belong to the same class which belongs to them that man should not allow the thing to spread.

Anyway it was a little simple experiment now we show you how it works in a car.

Now we bring the weight with which we will put the oil inside the car.

The car we are going to use now is an old type Land Cruiser and it is made for diesel. If you do not have a final, you can cut the bottle from the bottom and add oil.

Now we are putting both sunflower oil and fresh oil in the car.

Adding vegetable oil to Diesel fuel

All you have to do is add five percent of the new oil that is available in the market because it is necessary to maintain its density.

Remember you don’t have to mix water in it but you have to mix diesel in it.

Now that we have completely poured the oil, we start the car and see if it runs.

And you can see in this video that the car is starting normally and nothing has happened to it.

Making biodiesel worth it?

We’ve used it many times to show people that it works. And one more thing to remember is not to put it in your new car at all but you can use it in the old car. Don’t use it in new vehicles.

I do not guarantee this at all because they may have made some changes in the new car which is why they do not support biodiesel.

So this was biodiesel. If someone asks you what biodiesel is, you won’t understand much that you can make biodiesel by squeezing out the vegetables that are there. In foreign countries.

We read about what biodiesel is. Young children read about how it is made. Unfortunately, our countries are only working on the RTA system.

My job was to tell and show you.

I hope you like this post “How to make biodiesel from used cooking oil”. The Credit goes to AZAD CHAIWALA for this Information.

If you like it, please like it and share it with your friends and family members so that they can benefit from it.

And make things easier for themselves. See you in the next post until then. Good Bye.


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