How to be Successful in Your Job

How to be Successful in Your Job

Hi, I have talked about business many times. Today, I am gonna go through how to be successful in your job?

I talk less about the job, maybe that’s why you misunderstand that I’m against the job.

I’m not against the job at all, but the way you do the job is not right at all.

I’m going to show you the right way to earn more money than a business owner.

how to be successful in any job?

Let’s take the example of India as an example. We say that the CEO of Dell is Indian, we say that the CEO of Google is Indian and we say that the CEO of Microsoft is Indian.

So this is not a business founder, they run the business.

They run so they are bosses. You can be in their place too. You can follow their example and move on.

They were very expert in what they did or whatever they did. They were very capable.

He incorporated his skill into his job.

Take the example of a tea restaurant. Take the example of a restaurant that eats. So Take the example of a fast-food restaurant. What will be the average salary of their managers? Twenty, twenty-five to thirty-forty thousand rupees.

And the salary that these CEOs get, the package they get in the end, which they get in return for their work and hard work, will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

And what they just did is they didn’t consider this position a burden to this job position. They did their best in this tomorrow.

He fulfilled every responsibility and every challenge that was put on his shoulders in a good way and fulfilled every responsibility in a very good way.

He did not try to run away from whatever responsibility he was given, but he fulfilled it and fulfilled it in a good way.

Similarly, if a person is a video editor, his salary will not be as high as that of a movie director.

Provide Value

Or the guy who edits the movie.

Then every servant goes and sees that man, this servant has made this movie, this servant has directed this Maulvi.

Then you go to branded restaurants. If you work in an ordinary restaurant, you will not get twenty five to thirty thousand rupees there.

If you put a little bit of heart into this answer, but a little bit of foreshadowing, a little bit of skill in it, then you too can make Sanjeev Kapoor.

When we were little, Sanjeev Kapoor and I used to eat on a TV channel, just like our sisters are cooking and teaching on the YouTube channel nowadays.

This guy used to teach us on TV how to make food.

If you go to Dubai today, you will find Sanjeev Kapoor’s restaurant called “Khazana” which you can find by hiding it.

It is only because he did not consider his job as an answer but made it his obsession.

Now let’s put all the employees on one side and on the other side they make the most money alone.

From the bottom of the address to the delivery boy to the top management.

Yes, you can too, provided you follow my advice.

Don’t think of the job as a job, but make a career out of it.

Become an expert in this.

What happens in business is that 24 hours a day your mind is in a trance.

But after five o’clock your mind is gone, so put a little thought in your mind.

You start learning more skills after five o’clock in this job.

When you put more effort into this job, your values ​​will start to grow.

Either that company will pay you more or some other company will look at your work and attract you and offer you more money.

A simple example is how the world works.

And you promise me you didn’t despise the job, business is better or job.

Get better and better in your form, you will just go away, God willing.
Of course, your demand has increased.

When jobs are falling everywhere, only those who excel in their skills will be able to keep their jobs in this market.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and learned too much from “How to be successful in your job?” Share with your buddies.


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