Definition of a Good Business and Bad Business

good business

Hello, today we will talk about what is the difference between good business and bad business.

Many people now have the misconception that he is a businessman. And they do business.

So I want to dispel your misconception that the definition of business is first and foremost.
What is a business? And why does a man do businesses?

Man do Good businesses for two reasons.

The first reason is that they can make more money than others.

The second reason is to reduce work.

Making more money by doing less is called doing business.

So people want to do business because they want to reduce their work, they want to sell their hours less.

They want to give those hours to their family and make more money.

Purpose of doing business.

Now people have a misconception that they do businesses.

And they say we are doing business and that is called business.

If you think your businesses makes a lot of money. If you see that you come if you make a million a month in any business and but you give that business eighteen hours a day, work, then you understand that you are doing very dirty business.

Don’t forget the definition of a miserable business.

What is the definition of a business? Giving less time to money, working hard, and making more money is a sign of good businesses.

You also expired your working hours and exhausted yourself by working 18 hours.

So it’s called self-employment.

It’s not called business, it’s called self-employment.

People who run their businesses with their hours are called self-employed.

They are not called businessmen.
It doesn’t matter how many employees you have, twenty or 30, but it does matter how many hours you work.

How many hours are you spending?
If you work even for 18 hours, I would say that if you earn even one million a month or fifteen million, you will have a good income, but you are not making money.

You are still self-employed, not a businessman.

The definition of a good business is that it is flippable and it has fewer working hours.

good business

This is called a really good business which is in the form of a tangible product.

This means that at any time I give the key to any servant that this business is yours. Bring me two crores and you give it to me.

This is a good business that can be sold to anyone in need.

Now I ask you a question from all the people.

We talk about service-based business.

You are in a service best business and you are a consultant, you are an engineer, you are an IT consultant, you are a network consultant, you are a security consultant or a construction consultant, you are a consultant of any kind.

Your Business is Flippable or Not?

You teach any servant the key to something.
So You say, brother John, this day is all yours. You give me my money.

So now you have to see if the new buyer is ready to buy your businesses or not.

Now see for yourself how many of you have flippable assets?

You can flip it by clicking.

So if you have a flippable asset, you know you’re in good businesses.

If you do not have flippable assets, then you are in a bad businesses.

It’s not a good business actually.

Good business is a business, which is a flip table all the time.

What is the example of a Flippable Business?

An example of a flippable business is when I opened a McDonald’s franchise in Karachi.

Well, it cost me Rs 150 million.

But I opened a McDonald’s franchise.

That franchise is a well-structured franchise.

Which works through a proper process and also works without my presence.

I’m not that good at it, but I just own this businesses.

When a brother comes, he says, “Give me this business.”

Then I say, “Bring me 200 million rupees and give me this business.”

Take this franchise and you will own the paperwork.

I call McDonald’s and tell them I’m selling and you give me permission.

It’s called good business, a flippable company.

In which even fewer hours are used.

So how many of you now consider yourself a businessman?

He is currently misunderstood but considers himself a businessman.

He thinks that he earns so many lakhs of rupees a month and he works only fourteen hours in which.

So actually they are not in business but a self-employed.

Now the key to this business can be given or sold to someone else in one fell swoop.

If you think that I have been running the businesses for fifteen years and it is not possible for that company to run without me, then you think that you are a very dirty businessman.

Because your company is not flippable.

If your businesses are not flippable then why to call yourself a businessman or a business honor.

Types Of Freelancing

An online company is called after which a flippable asset occurs.
And its hours are less used.

If your hours are being used too much then surely you are in dirty businesses.

So first of all, get the definitions right in your life. Most people don’t even know the definitions.

People are misunderstood.

So I am clearing all the definitions for you to understand that even if you are forty years old.

good business

You’ve been in businesses for fifteen or twenty years, so what are you doing?

Which way are you going?
Where would you stand at the age of four?

What will you do next?
After that, you will be free.
Who will run your businesses which is not even flippable?
So will run it with your hours? Who will run it?

If you think that then you will hire a manager.

So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

People tell me that people don’t meet us as we do, no one can run a better company than me, I can run this, in the best way.

So you have to understand that you are in the wrong side.

You are doing the wrong businesses.

Business is said to be the one in which your hours are being used less and your money is becoming more.

Businesses are called automation which is flippable.

I tell you, it doesn’t matter if you open a sweet shop.

But make sure you don’t work there for more than two hours.

You sit in it for more than two hours.

You just set its automation.

Make it flippable.

So what can be done to make the businesses flippable?

There are so many types of businesses now. I can’t give you an example of all businesses.

You have already defined this business to make your businesses flippable. Ali, I am sure you will solve it yourself.

I don’t need to tell you the solution, I just want to tell you the problem.
You have to make the crescent yourself.

When you have a clear definition, don’t say that I have been considering myself a Business owner for fifteen years now.

Now I understand that I am not a business owner.

I am self-employed.

My businesses are not a tangible businesses.

habits of successful people

It can’t be booked.

He cannot go from one hand to the other. He is not capable of going from one hand to the other.

To understand the definition of good businesses and dirty businesses.
You will solve it yourself.

If you find out the problem first.

I am sure that you will find a solution by thinking daily.

You will make your businesses tangible are you automatic are you will reduce your working hours.

Your brain will work amazingly.

Once you hear it, let’s understand it once.
So that was the definition of good and bad businesses.

good business

If you want to transform yourself from a dirty day into a good businesses, your hours should be less and your money should be more.

I hope you loved this Article “Good and Bad Businesses”. Tips shared by Sunny Ali.
If you really enjoyed, don’t forget to share it with your friends and Family to benefit them.
Will meet you in the next Article till then Good Bye.


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