Why Do People Fail in Business? Fine Line vs Bottom Line

why do people fail in buisness

Hello, today we will talk about fine lines and bottom lines and business and you will be able to know why Intelligent people Fail in Business?

What are fine lines and what are the bottom lines?

You may have noticed around you that the big intelligent people we call high IQ level entrepreneurs usually fail in business more quickly and struggle a lot.

Hardly make money. And the average person who makes money is quick to make a profit.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Why do High Intellectual People fail in Business?

And how an average intellectual man becomes a great entrepreneur.

And why he succeeds so quickly.
To do this you need to understand the difference between fine lines and bottom lines.

There are two angles to a business. One is fine lines and the other is bottom lines.

The bottom line is profit. I am talking here that if you look at any business in the world, you are called bottom line profit.

That I am running a sweet shop and I say that my sweets should be of great quality and I don’t want sweets either.

I am just interested in selling sweets and I just want money to come and I mean profit.

Well, the ones with high intelligence are the ones who are very intelligent and smart this causes them to fail in business.

Fine Lines Example

So every time a smart guy opens a tie shop, the first thing he will say is, “Put me on a project here, put a laptop in it first, and put Wi-Fi in it.”

Put some software in it so that I know how much Rose Jaman sells, how much GB sells, how much it sells, and so on.

And let me check the daily report.

And I will plan it, I will open a hundred such shops all over the country, and another worker, Sohan, buys Halwa entertainment.

There are still not many sweets and there is talk of buying a factory.
The sweets have not started selling yet but the talk of making them clean has just started.

Making software is not for selling sweets.

There should be lighting inside it.
When people come to the shop, they find out that it is a pick-up shop. There should also be Wi-Fi inside it.

This is the actual problem of highly intelligent entrepreneurs fail in business because they don’t look at the bottom lines of business they always look at the fine lines of business.

Their focus is on the nuances. You will notice one thing that those who are highly entrepreneurs, you will notice one thing that they have more doubts, they show more.

Pay Attention to Bottom Lines

If something is explained to them first, they will not pay attention to it.

They say that I am very smart, I am so intelligent, I have money, I don’t have money.

But money is not made.

When people see it, they say, “What is your business?”

You stop looking at business. The day you decide not to look at business, your business will start running.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

When someone says that I have a warehouse in a certain country, I have so many employees, I have so many sales.

Ask yourself a question, does it make money or not?

What to do with a business in which you can’t make money.

In which you come to sleep at three o’clock at night, that is, you can not sleep at all, you are thinking at night, what will happen to me?

If you have a business and it really looks like a business and it looks like a business, it is very ruthless.

We are the business unit, but if you do not have money in your pocket, then you should understand that you are an intelligent person you probably fail in business you run or you wanna run.

You will understand that your intellect did not kill you.

It is your wisdom that makes you Bankrupt.

People are killed by reason alone. Often more wisdom is also a problem for human beings.

Good qualities of a rich person,

fail in business

The easiest way is to stop relying on reason.

Because your intellect will tell you to do this and that.

And they will say that business should be seen.

But I would say that business should be such that there is no warehouse in it.

Business is said to have no warehouse and no employees.

And the turnover is in the millions.

Making a profit is called business.

So I say that you have opened a sweet shop. Whatever business you want to run, you should run it.

fail in business

Brother, open the shop that you have opened.

Whatever you want to sell, you put it on the ground and tell other people to take it and sell it at a profit.

There should be a warehouse setting, they should see it, people should come and find out what business is there, sir.

Whenever this worm comes to your mind, don’t think that your money will soon sink.

No more money for you.
You went into its micro finishing.

The warehouse has its rates, its equipment, and let’s do it in such a way that they take it and they take it too.

So you know this is a business.

Such a person spends a lot of money just to make an application.

Believe it or not, after a while, there are applications that can do the same thing on a no-go basis for $25 to $30 per month.

fail in business

So in that he wastes both time and money.

And then he says, “I wish someone would tell me first that it can do your job. Do it like this.”

So the fact of life is that intellect is a very good thing. Tomorrow should be. Should.

Fine lines and button lines cleared you?

First, you have to make a profit and then you have to make the system bigger.
It will be financed later.
You have to adopt the habit of imperfection.

The people who are perfectionist, try to implement yourself in imperfection.

There are perfections that will drown you.

We do not want perfection.

We hope you enjoy today’s information.

If you like it, please share it with your friends so that they too can benefit from it.
Good Bye.



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