Facebook Cryptocurrency: Libra Coin, Facebook Coin

18th June 2019, the biggest day in the history of Financial System. Due to Facebook Cryptocurrency

Before I appreciate Facebook for Launching LIBRA Association, I want Every Human to Understand that Libra is a Facebook Cryptocurrency and if you want to Send Money Within a Minute, just like sending a Message on Facebook Messenger, through Facebook Cryptocurrency then You must understand that what is Libra Association?

If You are living in a Developing Country, where your economy is almost dead. If you want to Sell Your products Online and get an Instant Cash, then You must understand that what is Libra Association.

Facebook Cryptocurrency: Libra Coin, Facebook Coin

Hello, Everyone I personally thank Facebook, even I Solute Facebook for bringing all the joints of Master Card, to VISAS, UBER, PAYPAL, etc on a Single Platform that is LIBRA Association.

Simple Define Facebook Cryptocurrency

In Simple Words, Facebook is Launching a Global Currency named “LIBRA”. And if You don’t Understand this Currency, then Definitely You will be Left Out. But You don’t need to worry about that, because this Crypto Currency is launched by Facebook is not going to be a roller coaster ride like a BitCoin. Where the Price Fluctuates every single Second.

Stable Coin

Facebook is Launching a Stable Coin. In extremely Simple Words, the Value will be Stable, will not Varry or Fall. Considering that Facebook has 2.4 Billion Monthly Users. Not to get the Privacy Profile Users.


LIBRA Association which is based in Geneva, launched a Crypto Currency with a Fastest Payment Transfer Method. In this Stage, if we have to send money to Uk or Uk to Europe, the Wire Transfer takes at least 3 to 4 working Days. But with LIBRA you can send Money through What’s App, Facebook just like sending a Message. And the PayPal is the Partner of Libra Now!

Rules & Regulations

You Don’t Need to Worry about the Rules and the Regulations because this is not a BitCoin. This is Back by Facebook. The Lobby behind the LIBRA is going to Push every Government, every Developing Country to Come On Board. Because the most Amazing Feature of Facebook Currency is that People never had a Bank Account or they Never had to Open a Bank Account. They Will Be Bank NOW.


We need Banking, we don’t need Banks. The Facebook Investors are soon going to be Rich because in 2020 This Currency is Launching and I don’t know who is gonna Stop it?

Google? Other? I don’t think SO,

Why Facebook is calling it a LIBRA Coin?

The Fact is that LIBRA is a Zodiac Sign and I have little bit information about Zodiac Sign is that Mark Zuckerberg arrivals the Twin Brothers, they already have a Crypto Currency Exchange and that Exchange is called GEMINI. According to the Zodiac Sign, GEMINI and LIBRA are similar but there is one difference. One feature that LIBRA has, GEMINI Lacks.


LIBRA are Good Listeners, Peace Makers and on the other hand, GEMINI just talk talk & talk. Some People feel that Libra is Better than GEMINI. The thing is that if the GOOGLE and FACEBOOK are going to think about the CryptoCurrency then CryptoCurrency will BOOM for Sure.


In the last few Week’s BitCoin was raising like anything. But my friends are usually living in Pakistan and India, remember Crypto Currency is Unfortunately Illegal so, you should not go into this until you don’t have proper permissions.

Libra is A Stable Coin

Libra Coin is a Stable Coin will be a bridge in Crypto Currency and to the new users. Many users maybe start buying Crypto Currency through Facebook Messenger, What’s App. 2020 is definitely going to be a Year of Crypto Currency so if you think that you don’t have knowledge about Crypto Currency and Crypto Currency is not Legal in Your Country, I don’t think that You should Invest in the CryptoCurrency. But, You must Learn how this Technology Works.

Read White Paper

Everybody should go to Libra.org and should go to their White Paper and let yourself understood. If you don’t understand check White Paper and in the next coming years you must know about the CryptoCurrency. Otherwise, you will be Kicked Out.

Wallet For Libra?

So, there will be a Separate Wallet, where you will be keeping a Separate Coin. A wallet is Called Calibra.
Remember My Friends that Technology is Going to Be Use.

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Money Is Useless If You don’t know how to use it



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