Define Yourself | Describe Yourself in 3 Words

Define Yourself
Be sure to work which does not feel tired. Look at those who came from their offices and got tired. Find the Purpose behind my existence in this World. There may be any reason behind that. Everything around us has a Specific Purpose in this World. Each and Everything has a Goal. The Initial Way to define Yourself is to;
Define Yourself | Describe Yourself in 3 Words

Please realize that if the Things around us have a purpose in this world, these all things are made me a Human. But, when the Human’s Creation has a purpose then why should a Human Not? Humans are made by God (Allah Almighty). When You People find the Reason of Your Existence so, define yourself then whatever you do you will be doing not less than Worship? We do Worship for our Almighty, If Our Intent is not Corrupt our every doing will become Worship. So, why not from Today find that Why Almighty sent us in this entire world! Let’s find that quotation of Bulhy Shah “APNY MAN MEN DOOB KY PAJAA SURAGH-E-ZINDAGI”

Let’s Take a Look on the Modern Research

Let’s Take a Look on the Modern Research Define Yourself

Research which is upon a number of Million people and discovered that      “The Key To Success is Having One Passion and Profession” so, to making your Passion and Profession same You need to discover Your Passion first. Those people found that why should we sent here. What type of work that is which will not cause ourselves Less Tired. What type of work will give us the Energy? Remember one thing that ‘Work cause tire’ but ‘Work of Love does not cause yourself tired’.

Passion and Profession

If Your Passion and Profession is Same, Congratulations! You are a Gentleman. You will not feel aged. People will get benefited from your work. If Your Coming in this world Effects, it will definitely be effected by your leaving this world. Find Your Niche. Sometimes you should Offer “Tahajud” at Night. Pray to your God ‘Please Bless me my Passion, my reason to come, my purpose of living’ do this from Today.

The Best thing will be awarded to you when you define yourself


The best thing you will be awarded automatically is “Humbleness”. You will be Happy even if you earn less.  I know about a number of people who earn millions, but they are not Happy. Why? Because their earning does not have any relation with the Passion.  Money is another thing and Passion is another Phenomenon. Let’s take Define Yourself examples:

3 idiots

You watch a Movie named “3 Idiots”.  The whole Theme of 3 Idiots is at this sentence “Passion and Profession”. One says to his father, he is a photographer, a wildlife photographer but his father was forcing him to become an engineer. He says to his father “Papa I will earn less but, I will be Happy”. Earning less does not matter a lot, satisfaction and being happy matters a lot. In today’s age, everybody is doing whatever the else is doing. I have to become someone because he is doing, she is doing, etc. Maybe someone from you is a Great Businessman, a Good Scholar, a Good Teacher, a Good Leader, maybe someone a good Writer.

Bill Gates Quote on Discover Yourself / Define Yourself

Bill Gates Quote on Discover Yourself / Define Yourself

Bill Gates said while leaving his University, ‘I will go toward my Passion/Dreams, for what I am made for’. It applies upon you also to find an objective.  In the latest research of Donald Clinton, there are 34 types of Personality according to the Profession.  Maybe someone from you has great selling skills and he/she is studying literature. Describe yourself in 3 words; Passionate, Same Passion & Profession, find a vision for your life.  So, let’s start a Campaign of doing whatever in your life but it must be regarding your passion. Hope You will help me in this Campaign. You can follow me using my Social platforms. Will be sharing Find Yourself Quotes. That’s all about define yourself.

These valuable things shared by & discovered by Qasim Ali Shah


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