7 Steps to Become a Millionaire in 7 Years 2020

7 steps to become a millionaire in 7 years

Today I will show you how to become a millionaire in 7 years.

If you make these seven steps a part of your life, no one can stop you from becoming a millionaire in seven years.

And the other thing is you spend fifteen minutes every day on this blog so that you get the motivation to get to where you need it for the next seven years.

Steps to Become a Millionaire in 7 Years

Decide to Become a Millionaire

The first and foremost step is to take a Decision to become a millionaire in 7 years.

Ninety percent of people in the world are not happy because they have not made a commitment to happiness and success in their lives.

They are always in doubt whether I can become a millionaire or not.

They don’t always think that they have the potential to become millionaires because of the circumstances.

And first of all, make a commitment that you are ready to do whatever it takes.

If you write down on a piece of paper how much money you have, you will feel like a millionaire.

So first write down how much you want to earn on a piece of paper.

Identify your Skill:

Another thing is to identify within yourself the abilities that you are good at, that you have mastered.

Become a Millionaire in 7 Years

You know how to market or comment on a topic. Anything is a sport, a personal activity.

It can also be a professional activity.

You come to make very good fritters.

You know how to play the flute or the guitar very well.

It doesn’t matter if the skill is small or large.

But there must be a skill that can lead you to become a millionaire in 7 years.

This was the second step.

Clean Your Profile

You clean your social profile.

Only your proper name is written on it.

All you have to do is post in your profile what you think can help you become a millionaire.

If you know how to play the flute, just share things that are just about playing the flute.

You know to account, share things related to accounting and other things.

If you know graphic design, don’t confuse people with different types of posts.

Only post graphic design.

Follow what you can to make a million on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The only thing you have to do is talk to such people and not talk about any kind of religious, political or any other thing for the next seven years.

Make your life purposeful for only seven years.

Follow an Expert

You have to follow the servant who is a multimillionaire or very successful in that field.

Become a Millionaire in 7 Years

If you are interested in music, you will follow a singer who matches your style.

You are an entrepreneur, start following a successful entrepreneur.

If you like anything, look for a servant who is skilled and successful in something that shares some of his things.

There is nothing today that you cannot share or find.

There is a person who polishes his shoes very well. So he followed a servant who made his shoes shine with glass.

He learned how to polish shoes on YouTube.

All his life no one had told him how to polish shoes.

There is not a single skill in today’s world that you want to learn and the one that does not have a teacher is also free.

You don’t have to be big or good at it.

If you polish such good shoes that every servant wants to come to you to make his old shoes new, you can charge him ten to fifteen rupees more.

It doesn’t matter what your skill is. The thing is, how good is your skill and who are you learning from?

What a wonderful way to screw people over. How much money did he make?

How to Monetize your Skill?

You also know how to make money.

Become a Millionaire in 7 Years

Along with whatever skill you are working on, you also need to learn how to make money from that skill.

This is called Monetization in English.

You can’t succeed if you don’t know how to monetize your skill.

You must have a basic skill. There are a lot of logs.

Someone may know how to teach chemistry very well, but they can’t create an online course that they can sell online and teach the world.

So it is very important for you to have a monetization which is a soft skill.

As I said, you should only share things like that on your social media.

Manage your Money

It is important to remember in life that it is not necessary to make money but it is more important to manage money.

Become a Millionaire in 7 Years

Money is useless if you don’t know how to use it.

Like people make money, if they are on a motorcycle, they will buy a car.

When there is a car, he will get married and move to a bigger house with his wife and children.

So they are always spending as much as they have been earning.

The sixth thing you have to do is not to increase your own expenses but to manage them well for seven years.

After seven years you can live a happy life and do whatever you want

Invest Your Money & Make Passive Income

Whenever you are able to get some money, you should invest it in such a way that it can generate money for you.

Become a Millionaire in 7 Years

Invest in housing. Buy a plot, do anything.

That money is not in the bank

Someone or other that could monetize them.

You can make more money with that money even when you are sleeping

You have to do these seven things; for seven years.

As long as you keep learning how to invest well, no power in the world can stop you from becoming a millionaire.


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