How to be a Creative Graphic Designer? by Imran Ali Dina

be a creative graphic designer

There are a lot of questions asked about How to be a Creative Graphic Designer that Can Everyone Be Creative?

It seems yes Let me tell you

Welcome to my blog.

Today I am not going to tell you anything but I want to tell you about something special.

One thing to keep in mind is that being creative is the way your brain works.

How a brain does its job.

I am not saying that everyone has the same ability to think and understand, everyone has the same ability.

We are Blessed to be a Creative Graphic Designer

Allah Almighty has blessed everyone with something special and someone with a superpower.

So as far as creativity is concerned, we must first understand what creativity is.

Creativity is a simple thing that, if it is to be defined, is to “do something that has never happened before.”

So the work that didn’t happen before and you started doing it on your own and a lot of people think that what they create with their own thinking is creativity?

Not at all, my brothers. That thing is not creativity.

Sometimes what you create with your brain in mind depends on the limited thinking of your brain.


Now to call it creative, I don’t think that thing will be creative. Alright. You will be a Creative Graphic Designer.

Another thing I said about creativity is to do something that has never happened before.

So first you have to see what has happened.

How to Become a Good Graphic Designer?

In the same way, I say that if you want to be a writer you will never be a good writer unless you read a lot of books because you don’t have the words to write.

what is entrepreneurship about
Woman reading a book

As you can see, the poets you are have a vocabulary.

Now it’s not because the whole collection came to their mind automatically, but because they’ve read so much that there are so many books that it’s normal for them to write a good script. ۔

Then they know which word to use and where not to use it.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

So as well as being a graphic designer, animator, and video editor, you should study a lot to see the designs that have already been made.
Research them and consider what stories are hidden behind them.

Take a look at the Graphic designs that people have already used.


You need to know what the current trend is and what kind of color scheme people are using.

What kind of fonts are on standby?

How to make something is a later matter. First you need to know what you have made.

How to make There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that you can watch to create the design you want.

Every morning there are lots of books on YouTube and many institutes that will teach you what to do.

You can learn any software and any technique from anywhere.

Now the only problem is what you have to make?

There is a solution to how to make but not a solution to make.

Just as a writer has that cable of words, so a designer has that cable of colors.

Such as color scheme, typography, font style and size, what we are creating, what would look good.

So what would be good considering our targeted ordinance?

So the more artwork you see, the more you will learn.

I’m not saying you can download and save it to your computer, but whatever artwork you like, you have to watch it for ten minutes.

Ten minutes is a lot.

Although you can make a notebook and write about each artwork why I like it.

What colors has he put in it that makes me feel so good?

Which balance was used?

What kind of background colors are used and what kind of foreground colors are used.

So the more you look at things, the artwork of others. If you feel good, you’ll notice why you feel good.

A key will form inside your brain.

One thing I would like to tell you is that every day we all have to do two to three things that we never get tired of doing.

be a Creative Graphic Designer

Just like breathing. Breathing, your brain is still controlling it, so you are not tired at all in this work that I am tired now, I can not breathe anymore.

And now if there are break people, you know what happens next.

So while breathing, we never thought it was a task.

While our body is working on it and it is controlling our brain.

So in the same way we talk about mother tongue, that while speaking mother tongue you don’t have to think at all about what you are talking about but you just speak.

If you speak a language that is not your mother tongue, for example, many of us have a hard time speaking English.

Or if there is a problem in speaking another language, it happens that we hear a sentence in our mother tongue and then the brain changes it from one language to another.

After work we then send us the English language sentence as output.
So why is this happening?

So now let’s talk about our mother tongue that we didn’t learn our mother tongue from anywhere.

As children, we heard our elders speak our mother tongue, so we began to understand and learn it.

You should know that the brain has two parts, the creative brain and the mathematical brain.

Conscious & Subconscious Mind

And another thing you may have heard is that the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

be a Creative Graphic Designer

What is causing you to do normal things is your subconscious mind as you speak to someone else in your mother tongue.

So remember that whatever work is making you unconscious mind, you do not get tired in this work, you do not feel tension and you do not feel stress.

So you’re doing a lot of things as if you’re talking.

What are the methods by which we can bring any skill, any skill, or any topic into our subconscious mind?
So the subconscious mind is strengthening you when you are asleep.
That is why it is said that sleep is very important for this person.
That is why it is said that whatever you think or do before going to bed at night is fixed in your subconscious mind.

So what is the method to put this art in your subconscious mind?

Graphic Design Practices

I am giving you a daily assignment.

If you want to move towards designing, take one of the best images, that is, artwork.

be a Creative Graphic Designer

And think about it for ten minutes.

And make a note of why you like Hajj and why you like it.

If you don’t make notes, be sure to discuss with yourself why you like this item and what you like.

You must talk to yourself. No one will call you crazy, so you must do this before going to bed when you go to bed.

So that time is a golden time to put anything in your mind.

You don’t need me to eat any rolls at the moment.

So believe me, you will think too much to be a Creative Graphic Designer.

So what is creativity?

Creativity is something no one has ever done before.

be a Creative Graphic Designer
Marketing Strategy Connecting Digital Devices Concept

So you will be a Creative Graphic Designer even when you know what people have done before.

Now it may come to your mind that wherever you look for a good work, there are many websites for it.

How to get Inspiration as a Graphic Designer

Such as
Dribble, Behance, coroflot, or Pinterest.

be a Creative Graphic Designer

So I’m giving you a lifetime assignment that you have to pick a design in one night and one day. It’s ten minutes to watch.

Just look at the reason why it looks good and find out what makes it look good.

If you can’t find the reason, then there is a big issue, that is why I am saying to start with a small thing, a simple business card.

How to become a Graphic Designer without a Degree?

So you have to do this the day before you go to bed at night, so believe me, after a while, your mind will have changed completely and your ability to think will have changed.

So if I show you a design or someone shows you a design and you copy it, don’t run after the tutorials.
Think for yourself. Think creatively for something.

I am sure you will hear this post “Be a Creative Graphic Designer” if you like it and share it with your friends so that they too can benefit from it and move on.

May Allah Almighty be your supporter and helper in the next post


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