4 Levels of Wealth Creation

levels of wealth creation

I hope all my friends are well. Today I will tell you four levels of wealth creation.

We usually want to make a lot of money and we do, but to some extent, we fall in a minute which is why we don’t get to the level we want it to be.

So I’ll tell you which novel you’re making money on at the moment.

How do you do that if you want to move beyond that level?

Wealth Creation Levels

Employee Mindset:

First of all, let’s talk about the employee mindset. People with such mentality don’t want to take much risk.

wealth creation

They want their jobs to be safe and secure, with no chance of ever ending.

They always want to be safe and they can’t decide for themselves what they have and therefore they follow the decisions of others.

Let’s look at four habits of this kind of mindset:

Risk Shy Way:

Many people in our country are afraid to take it just so that it does not get worse than it is now.

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Or they may be inclined to take risks, and they do not consider it a good idea to take risks.

But remember that if you have to go from one ladder to another, you have to lift your foot from the bottom ladder, you have to take this money and only then you will reach the other.

So if you don’t take the risk, you can’t succeed.
Adults believe that you made the big jump and your success will be as big as your risk.

Job Security:

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People with this kind of mentality want to secure their job, they want to secure their job so that they don’t have to face anyone.

Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

They need time off their jobs so that no one can fire them tomorrow.

So they do not have to face any difficulties in their life at night, so they go to work and feel good.
Feeling Safe:

People with this kind of mentality usually like to keep themselves safe at night in economic conditions.

They want to have a per capita income at the end of the month and be able to run their own house. They don’t think much of it and like to live their lives in a safe way.

He does not want any problems in his life financially so he stays away from business and prefers only a job.

Time Prade:

Such people always depend on time.

wealth creation

Whenever a task comes to a head, they do it. If they don’t come, they don’t.

These people focus on urgent tasks more than necessary. And they also try to get the necessary opportunity in a hurry.

An example of a working servant is a frog sitting in a well that does not want to go out.

He doesn’t want me to get out of it and into another world.

Fight him so he wants to be happy in his world.

He doesn’t get out of it, he doesn’t try to come, he doesn’t have the ability to think so big and do so many great things.

Self employment:

Now we will talk about people who are their own boss.

Don’t like order:

Such people have a very broad mindset that they can’t follow anyone’s orders yet and can’t follow anyone’s orders.

They make their own decisions. They do not depend on others to make their own life decisions. Such people make their own life decisions. They are free from the decisions of others.

Such people don’t care what people think of them, they focus on doing their job and they do their job well.

Don’t like to depend on others:

wealth creation

Such people never want to depend on others and others will help them only then they can do something but such people only listen to their heart.

They do what they want to do, people don’t care what they think or will think about them.

Business / Leaders:

People with this kind of mentality usually have leadership qualities and Leaders are the real wealth creation assets.

Hiring potential: Understand HR psyche

And they have a lot of potential for HR. They are experts at this.

He is truly a leader who takes people along, guides them, finds solutions to their problems, tells them and gets them out of trouble.

Such people try to benefit other people.

Within such people, the potential for selection is very high.

They are good at testing a slave and where to put another slave.
No matter where you put it, they do it well.

A good leader and a good captain have to tell which player to open at which number and which servant to assign which task.

What she can do well, like if she tells us she can never climb a wall.

If we tell a goat to swim in the sea, it will never show, so everyone’s work is different.

If he is not made for every task, then there is something special in every servant which he is skilled in doing, so such people look for easy slaves of whom they are experts.

By putting them in the right place, good results are obtained.

Making a team:

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation. They say that no one can be successful alone, but they can take a lot of people with them and form a team. Then that team works together and then they move on to success.

Lonely man faces many difficulties but if there is leadership quality in this servant.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Such people like to gather other people and they like to work together. Amazing example of wealth creation.


Such people invest their money in business and try to double it. They do not keep their money in banks but they write it down and try to make double money.

Don’t work (dislike work):

Such people do not like to work, but they spend time thinking and start different business ventures from which they can not make their money as much or sad.

Multiply money:

Such people have every right to double their money and commit three sins.

They don’t understand how big the risk is, but they invest money and try to double it, triple it and quadruple it.

Like Freedom:

Such people want freedom from their work.

They don’t want anyone to tell them to work.

They are independent in their decisions. They can go wherever and whenever they want and go and fulfill whatever they want.

They are free from the worry of money.

Passive income:

Such people try to build their assets and try to earn an income from which they do not have to do anything. Passive Income Read More HERE

Such people are free from the worries of the nation and even when they are asleep, they have money.

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